Sunday, September 30, 2012

business growth and quality

I have had the dilemma the last couple years of either moving to a giant shop and hiring more people, and making more money.  Or keep striving to improve what I am doing and the same way I do it now, and keep moving on.  I keep choosing to keep a small shop and work by myself.  I talk to every client and as anyone can tell you, I am very easy to reach.  I think this is the way to go to insure I put out the best quality, because I know I am the only one who touches what is being built.  When you go to a place who has several employees, you can not assure this.  Just making money is not worth this risk to me.  I want people to get their custom piece from me and be happy and confident about the choice they made.  Knowing you can come to me and get a totally custom build with less hassle than buying a cookie cutter piece from a big store. I have always had a problem taking pictures of what I build and I know hundreds of things have left with no pictures.  I know why, and this will probably never change either.  I really love what I do and talking to the clients and sometimes feel its a personal thing between me and the client.  I share the picture with them or sometimes take none at all and just let them be surprised when they open the crate or box.  This is the personal feel I like and prefer instead of the approach with lots of employees and less personal service. Money is not what makes me happy, but doing what I love is and passing that on to people. 

None of this means I can not still take on big projects and jobs.  I am after all a workaholic because of my love for this.