Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Change is coming.

We are in the middle of a very large projects so this is the reason for no posts. As always, Instagram and Facebook are the best places to see snapshots of work and also the website at , which will get a makeover this coming year. Also, we are going to streamline some things and some of the favorite items we sell will be available for purchase and shipping on a ready to go basis, they will also be at lower price points . Our main focus will be custom interesting projects, but it's too hard to ignore the demand for our popular items , so we are working the next few months to have several options ready to ship. We will update this site also.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Modern Industrial locker

This is a new locker style cabinet that left to its new home. I designed the brackets for the wheels and also tried something new with the detail molding on top to balance out everything going on down low.

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Reclaimed Beetle Kill & Steel Reception Desk

The custom built Reception Desk for Boulder Brands on Pearl Street Boulder, Colorado

This was the third custom L shaped reception desk for Boulder Brands. Featuring grayed reclaimed beetle kill wood tops, inset mesh , a solid steel frame, and cast iron casters!

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I create and design quality original industrial furniture. I always welcome and encourage custom orders. See my other listings or visit my official website for more examples of custom pieces such as, bars, hostess stands, reception desks, coffee tables, media cabinets, conference tables, marquee letters, console tables, accent tables, and more statement pieces. Keep watching for photos of Justin Real Sculptures!

All furniture at RIEF is an original design and handmade in Loveland,CO

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Reclaimed wood & steel farm table

Reclaimed Heart Pine Table 16' Long

New photos are up! We had professional photos taken of our build at Boulder Brands Expansion on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado.
 Working with Surround Architecture we built an additional reception desk to the two we built in 2013, a 16' Tasting Table, and 8 bistro table bases.

The Reclaimed Heart Pine Farm Table was built for their test kitchen where they will film products and have public tastings. Now for the specs...reclaimed Heart Pine finished at 3" thick and cut down to two  manageable 8' pieces create the stunning 16' long table top, 6" x 6" reclaimed pine beams wrapped in steel make the six legs that support this one of a kind statement piece.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

new items

We have been really busy working on some new designs for hostess stands and tables lately along with all of the projects going on , this is why there has been a gap between posting a lot.  I will also be getting my website reworked soon to show some of the new work.  In the meantime, there are a couple new things on the website.  A bar stool design I came up with that is better and stronger than anything I have ever seen, along with a tall locker style cabinet, that I added some new detail to, and really loved how it came out.  Please go to to see and look for the new updated website in the near future.

Also, I do have a few things in the shop that I need to clear out to make room for other things and will be selling some pieces at a reduced cost.  I have 2 I beam coffee tables , one is a rust version, and one sandblasted as seen on my website.  I also will have a media cabinet available, along with a couple lamps I could also let go of,  I have a lot I am working on and simply need room.  Email for info.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New pictures

There are a couple new pictures on my website at  over the next month we should add some more then look for a revamped site soon.

I'm having trouble posting picture here on the blogger but will as soon as it's figured out.

Monday, June 8, 2015

New projects keeping busy

Have been really busy working on a project for Macy's,  Boulder Brands who is the owner of Udis Gluten Free along with other brands, Surround Architecture,  and Isle Of Capri Casino.  All of these have me very busy however we are pretty caught up and the schedule is under control so orders can be taken. Will post pictures of these projects soon. In the meantime I will post a few pictures soon of other things recently.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hostess stand

This is a quick snapshot of a hostess stand I completed for a new wine bar getting ready to open in my town called Origins wine bar. It was a serious amount of work to make the random pattern actually work and fit together.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


As always we are very busy. Here's some snapshots of things we are working on or completed. Also, we are in the early stages of opening a coffee bar in our town on Loveland Colorado.  We will of course be building the bar and furniture for it and creating an amazing atmosphere while serving the best coffee possible.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Full schedule ahead.

It's been a while since I've posted here but there's a lot to keep up with. We maintain traffic through our website  at We have our online stores on Etsy,, custommade, sonder  mill.  Usually as of late I post more snapshots of what I'm working on through instagram  and facebook. A few things to touch on. I've received  a ton of resumes by email and several phone calls looking for apprenticeships. As of right now I have all the help I need and at least for right now I don't have enough time for an apprentice. I do have all the info for everyone  whose sent me resumes and will look through them in future if needed.

I'm pretty booked through June and possibly  August right now, but it is possible  with certain things I can fit them in so just ask first at 

Work coming up this year. Have some big projects. Building some tables for Trip Advisor. Working on the expansion of Boulder Brands and building  12 conference  tables, a giant 16 foot farm table, reception  desk and several bistro tables. Will be working with Macy's  on several things. Also will be building items for another Isle of Capri  casino.  I'm also going to be working with  company called Mocaventures who normally  design modern kitchens  but have a special  client  who wants a kitchen  based around items from me. There  are lots more but this is all I can remember  at the moment.  Will post pictures  as progress moves along.