Monday, December 31, 2012

Hard at work

Have been quiet here on this blog.  Sorry.  Been really busy with finishing up some big orders for Isle of Capri Casinos and of course all the orders from other people as well.  Really busy year and the next one looks busy too.  Just the way it should be.  I have a couple big projects coming up that I can't say anything about yet, but will soon.  I will also get some pictures in a couple days of things I have been working on.  I moved to a new shop which has taken a lot of time to get settled in and comfortable. 

I have been working on a home based bar for a while that should be really great.  I hope to have some pictures of that soon.  If someone is interested in a bar for the home , then please contact me (970-281-2293) or (  and I could then set aside time to work on it more.