Saturday, June 29, 2013

Industrial inspired workload

its been so busy the last 10 months, that somehow its getting even busier.  I sat down and went over things a little and here's a list of some of the companies I have got to work with the past year and have more coming in.  Starbucks, Surround Architecture, Kevin Morningstar homes, Udi's gluten free also known as Boulder brands (building some things for a new headquarters),, Isle of Capri Casino's, Tom's Tavern, Otis and Henry's, Revampt Store Cherry Creek in Denver, Portland Seafood Company in Oregon, Bar Napkin Productions, Several new projects with a restaurant opening in Virginia, Alister and Paine Magazine, and probably a few others slipping my mind at the moment.  Not to mention the hundreds of clients from Etsy, Custommade, and Houzz.  Without every one's patience and understanding of the workload, I never could have handled it.  I met some great people who had great ideas and there is so much more coming and some I can't talk about yet.  Thanks everyone and the next few years are bringing some exciting things.  Also my award on Houzz for the best of 2013.  If you want to review me on there, that would be the best, you can send emails to me, and I can submit your email to review me.  That is a vote for me this year.