Monday, February 21, 2011


We are kind of on vacation until Thursday, but I am still trying to take care of things until we get home.  I built a new proper welding table for myself the day before we left, so things should go better for me when we get home.  I have been working on a really small horrible welding table for years and now I am really excited to try my new one out.  We went shopping at a world imports store and I looked at some of their furniture, which was cool.  They have some stuff that is similar to some of my designs, but I have to say something about them.. They are like lots of big store things.  They look good until you get close, and I touched it, and could not be more disappointed. Cheap thin metal, and fake cheap wood, fake rivets, and cheap little casters.  This is the big difference between big stores that mass produce things and  have large overhead to pay and the things like I make that are only touched by me and I take no shortcuts.  The things I make will last forever and can be passed down to family members. The things you buy at say pier one or world imports will be great for the first year, and then as soon as you move it a couple times, its over, and it falls apart.  I have seen some of the things at Restoration Hardware also, and it looks better and will last a little longer, but its still just not going to last.  It is mass produced and made only for quick profit.  It is still made with a little cheaper material and they hire people off the street with little experience in metal fab or carpentry skills.  Like I have said before, its not bad, but its not the best and its not customized to your exact needs and desires.  That is where I come in.  I can make what you want and whatever dimensions you want and put personal touches on it, and it will be one of a kind.

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