Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More work on the media cabinet

Almost done with fabrication on the media cabinet. It is obviously upside down, because that is how I had to install the shelves and since there is sheet metal inset along the inside, it basically had to be fabricated from inside out .  It is really heavy, and Everything on it will be recycled materials except the rivets which are new.  I have to go to the metal scrap yard and use a safe nontoxic method to take the rust off the metal, then sometimes weld several pieces together just to get one piece and at times I can not get the exact dimensions I want or the client wants, but I usually get very close, but I think this is what makes it so fun and the end result really interesting.  Changing things as you go is sometimes necessary and gives great results.  You can't be scared to deviate from your original plan.  At the end it always feels great because I gave this steel another life, and someone else thought it was trash.

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