Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My brand new truck

This is my new truck.  It is a young 1949 GMC with an inline 6 that sounds kind of like a sewing machine.  I drove it yesterday and a hubcap flew off.  I also learned that if you are going around top speed, which is about 45 that it is a death wish, because if you hit a pothole or bump it tries its best to take you into oncoming traffic.  There is very little suspension and no air conditioning, and no radio, and no emergency brake and no wipers, no turn signals.  ITS WONDERFUL.  Its going to be a love hate relationship, but my old truck which was a lot newer had its problems too, and I could never do anything to it, because it was all computer controlled.  I was at the mercy of a computer if I broke down on the side of the road.  That is worse to me, and not worth it in my opinion.  I think technology is great in some ways, but I don't think everything should be made so advanced that it takes a scientist to work on it.  This leaves people helpless.  I think this is the ultimate business strategy of a lot of big business these days.  If we are helpless with their product then we are at their mercy.  Think about this next time you go to Home Depot or Lowes or even Ace Hardware.  You can not go anywhere in the store without feeling stocked.  They see you from 100 yards away and basically yell, "Are you having trouble with anything?"  Some people see this as just customer service and maybe I am crazy, but it literally makes me cringe and sometimes just leave the store.  Not because they are trying to help, but there are several times when one of us are clearly debating on buying something or reading a package or just walking fast or having a conversation between us, and we get interrupted from way across the store from an employee yelling, "Are you having trouble with anything?".  To me this is crazy.  We actually like going to look and learn things on our own at these places and want to fend for ourselves. It is literally a DIY store.  It even says on the outside of Home Depot.  DIY store.   Apparently the strategy team decided that the only way to keep people coming back is to not let them think for themselves as soon as they walk in the store.  Bug them at the most inconvenient time and do not under any circumstance let anyone think for themselves, and if you do, then that means they don't need us, and we will go out of business.  WOW!  I feel better.  Had to rant.  Anyway, here is my new truck.