Sunday, October 28, 2012

Very full little shop

I am seriously out of room.   Things waiting to leave and things being finished and things needing crates.

Beetle kill pine tables

This is a pair of small simple tables I did with beetle kill pine or blue stain pine here from Colorado. One of them I whitewashed and then one is natural.  They both have poly on them.  Very simple but I really like the wood. Hope to use it more.
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Industrial nightstand

This is one of a couple little nightstands I am shipping this week.  I am trying some new handles out and am narrowing it down to a few I like.
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Isle of Capri Rainbow casino

Here are a couple odd shaped steel and reclaimed wood accent pieces I am shipping this week to the Otis and Henry's restaurant in the Isle Of Capri Rainbow casino in Vicksburg Mississippi.  These are very cool and about 48 inches tall and super heavy with reclaimed barnwood on top.  They are very different shapes with strong angles.

Reclaimed beams

Here is 1700 pounds worth of reclaimed 6x6 beams.  I will be making 6 accent tables out of these that will go in the lobby of the Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles Louisiana Lobby.  Along with several other things I am doing for them. 

butcher block bar

working on  a reclaimed wood butcher block for the bar I have been working on.  Its coming along nice and can't wait to show it off.  Also will be doing one for a kitchen cart idea I had.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Custom industrial furniture and accessories

I get the same questions over and over every day.  Whether if it comes from this blog, my website, etsy, facebook, twitter.  People and companies ask "can you do custom work, or do you only do what I see in the pictures."  I can do anything.  I have things in several restaurants around the country, Starbucks, Casino Lobbies, Office buildings, etc...  The problem is I can't possibly get good pictures of everything I build or have done.  The custom things are my favorite things to do, so anything you see, from anywhere can be inspiration for a build.  I also love to outfit and help design restaurants and bars with new furniture and accessories.  Just contact me through my email ( or phone number (970-281-2293).  On a side note.  I have been working on a home based bar that should be perfect for a home, that I should be done with soon and will get pictures for sure of that.  I am excited about it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Website is down for a couple days

My website is down for a couple days and hopefully no longer.  A couple things are being updated.  Sorry.  Email with any questions to