Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scatter brained.

I realize I put lots of pics up that have nothing to do with furniture, but I like to let people know where I get some of my ideas from and the things I love which help my style a lot.  I am influenced by lots of different art, but I can't just stare at furniture all day to help me with ideas, in fact I probably look at other things way more for inspiration. I love old factories and buildings and the architecture of them .  I like looking at some of the modern architects that are up and coming that take chances on things, and sometimes they come up with great things.  Of course I love motorcycles.  Mainly the old ones, that always break down and leave you on the side of the road.  They have the most history and if you treat them well, they return the favor.  To see some of the ways, that lovers of classic bikes make small changes to them and add a custom touch.  Its engineering at its best. I welcome ideas, and anybody and everybody can send me a comment or email  Just because you don't see things on my site does not mean I can't do it, but just have not got to it yet.  I have a few things started right now and will show them soon on here and eventually on Etsy, but I am very busy with custom orders right now, and it takes me awhile to get other things I am working on done.  I still want to here ideas though.  Anything.  Furniture you would like to see or finishes or ideas to make my shop better.

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