Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have been so busy this past year, that I have posted less and less, but I am trying to post things from time to time.  I still am really bad a posting pictures of new things, but am trying to get better.  I do have some good things happening.  I have a few new designs I am working on or have finished. First a very heavy steel I beam coffee table I finished a few weeks ago is now for sale at Revampt in Cherry Creek down in Denver along with another table I recently finished and a couple lamps.  At some point the pictures for the coffee table will be on the website.  Also, I get questions time to time on pricing.  Some people understand the prices and some don't.  The best way to explain when my prices are compared to a bigger store or chain, is...mine will last, and the things from there will not. Its that simple.  I do not and will not mass produce.  I like the fact that I am the only person who touches what I build, and I know every little inch, and I know my things will outlast us all, and one day be antiques.  I would never say the same for any store I have been in and the things they sell.